Center for Sustainable Initiatives (CSI) is a citizen's based organization founded in 2008 by a group of young experts and intellectuals with different background, but one common vision: Proactive citizen's society built on sustainable principles incorporating effective environment concerned development activities.

CSI sees it self as a drive, an incubator of ideas and initiatives that can and will provoke sustainability of Macedonian’s society in a holistic way. Therefore CSI indulges it self in establishing effective partnership and cooperation with local development stakeholders and only by working together reaches its aims.

The basic aims of CSI include:

  • Promotion of sustainable, integrated development of the community whilst caring for the environment, societal development and the economy.
  • Sustainable development, environmental and consequences of human activities (pollution and global climate change) public awareness rising.
  • Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility promotion.
  • Individual’s potential development and strengthening, particularly of young people in contributing to the sustainable development of its community.
  • Sustainable citizen’s society development in Macedonia.
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly technologies that contribute to the sustainable development of the community.